Monday, January 30, 2012

Paint Party!

Yesterday my painting pal Jake and I got together for some of our usual madness. Once we hit some stores for the necessary supplies we began to whip through various projects in typical fashion for our painting jams. I decided to work on some in depth projects I've been planning for some upcoming events and get my Diretroll Mauler rolling. Jake began by working on a diorama of some Ghouls from Mantic Games, sculpting candles, and ending on an Ork Nob. We fiddled away for hours and the amount of words I could write are best left off. Instead I'd rather show you the pictures.

This weeks schedule has me working on a a 6 man unit of Ravenguard Assault marines, a Warhound Titan interior, and a certain special character conversion. I've also ordered a copy of Lord Draigo in order to complete a commission. I shudder to think of the possibilities when a models casting standard has been dropped to fine in place of leading the industry. 

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