Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogging all week day 1- Scenery party part 2!

A few weeks ago I showed off the results of a scenery party, some pieces were done and others were started. We sat down today to take care of some of the unfinished pieces, I grabbed the cooling system I was working on and brother John grabbed his power supply which was made from materials he acquired at work. It's fun looking at the world with a scenery makers imagination, that's no staple box it's an electrical housing, that's not a worn out alternator it's a crashed space ship, that's not a bloody latex glove it's evidence.

Here are some in progress shots of John's piece and Mike's trademark intensity which is quite photogenic.

My piece was coming along as well and mike was no less intense.

Thumbs up indeed my friend! Thumbs up to end results, thumbs up to two hot ass pieces of wet terrain!

Can't wait to see two fully painted armies going head to head on a finished table of finished scenery! 
 Thumbs up to tonights band, Lair of the minotaur. A pretty good song with a great video, lots of inspiration right here.


  1. Great looking terrain pieces mate! Right now ive got a whole box of household items that are destined to become terrain! Once you've developed a scenery makers eye, theres no going back!

  2. In those pictures, its clearly evident as to how PUMPED I am! WHOOOOO WEEE!!