Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogging all week day 3- Finished chaplain and regimental advisors

In my prequel post of the madness to come I shared some pictures of a chaplain I intended to sell on E-bay. I'm happy to say he's finished and he already has a bid with 6 days to go on the auction. Fantastic! In the original photos I used for E-bay I used a red background which at the time looked good but in hindsight I think it threw off his true colors. I re-shot him this morning and added one of those photos to the auction. Here are the re-shoots from this morning.

You may notice I changed his crozius since I last showed him, I think he looks much happier with a gold eagle compared to the mace head of the chaos terminator power weapon. But there you have it, he's doing great and I now have the magnets I needed to finish the other one. Thanks to Kevin my E-bay parts man, if anyone wants to check out his store here's the link.

I also have a finished set of regimental advisors, very fun to paint, I thought they had some good faces. This isn't the end of the Imperial Guard craziness I've been commissioned for either. I also have commisar gaunt, a lord commisar, and solar marcharius to do.

Well, tomorrow marks the over halfway point being the 4th day in this ordeal. So far I'm having a ball, now I'm off to get some serious work in on Mike's Deathwing. I have some commissions to take care of but I also have Adepticon prepping to do as well. Tomorrow I'd like to share one of my projects but until then all I have to announce is tonights musical guest. Hailing all the way from Japan, Corrupted. This is the song that got me into these guys and one of the only bands who can help me slow my pulse enough to execute the most tedious of freehands...

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