Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blogging all week day 7- Landraider park U.S.A. and the red skull kommandosos

Well, this is the end my friends. The last day in a 7 day string of blogs. But fear not I will return but just not as often, remember the divorce? Remember having a honey bun covered in whipped cream instead of cake for your birthday only to have it slapped into your face on purpose? No? That was me...I'm sooo funny but how does that pertain to the miniatures hobby? Well, I do play all the bad guy armies. But that doesn't stop me from painting all my opponents armies of good. Here is the final piece of the deathwing installment, two landraiders.

Baboom, I can't wait to destroy these and the soft pink 'umies inside, mwahhaha!

Hope fully the red skull kommandos are the right boyz for the job, nothing to fancy just tabletop quality. I had alot of fun trying to equip them all differently, some guys are demolition specialists, one has 3-d goggles, and one has a sniper rifle. I made them from the boyz box and the plethora of spare Ork bitz I have.


Pretty cool. These guys, with boss Snikrot, have been the undoing of many foes. I have to say they're one of my favorites, right up there with lootaz and battlewagons full o boyz. I'll have to post my army up here one of these days. Well I have a busy day and many minis to paint, there is no end in sight. Thanks for watching and thanks to everyone who has climbed aboard this blog.

I leave you with a piece of music that is also warhammer history, Games workshop at one point was running a record label. One of the bands was the mighty Bolt Thrower, their album realm of chaos even featured the cover art from the first rogue trader space marine box! Enjoy.

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