Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prequel-One post every day for a week!

Earlier I wrote about posting every day for one week to see if I can do it. This is your warning, I've been very busy lately and with a few projects looking at the finish line within the week this seems like a good week to do it. But a post isn't a post without a few pictures so here's one of the projects.

Following the success I had on E-bay with two blood angles dreadnoughts I decided to do a pair of chaplains with magnetized options, well at least all the practical choices. My friend Kevin gave me some magnets but I didn't grab quite enough to finish off the other chaplain : P Thanks to Kevin for all the bitz I needed as well, he runs a bits store on E-bay and I've been helping him clip and earning credit for bits which I in turn will be using to sell fancy stuff on E-bay or whatever else I want them for.

Here he is after a little basecoating.

Well that's all for now but I'll be back tomorrow and all week. My musical guest will be Thin Lizzy tonight.

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