Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogging all week day 6- Finished Deathwing Chaplain / Vulkan in progress

Well the week of madness is boiling down, I have to admit I'm slightly pooped. Today I sat down at the local hobby shop and finished off the Terminator chaplain, didn't quite finish those tanks as the lining and final step is quite boring. Here's Mr. Chaplain.

Not too shabby, I wasn't trying to do something too crazy on this guy, just a fine job as that's what I was paid for. Mike tells me he'll be dropping the second installment on me soon, I can't wait to see that whole army all together. So far I've painted 30 terminators for him plus all the support that comes with them.

In other news, Ebay rules! I'm cooking up another chaplain for the fine bidders, here he is so far

His mask looks a little fugly right now but the details should come out with a nice paint job. I have to thank my friend Alan for suggesting I make a chaplain with half a skull mask, nice effect and something I haven't seen yet. I've also slightly converted a Vulkan model, that pose before just looked odd to me and that helmet was garbage. Basically a regular helmet with a solid gold mohawk...sounds cool in writing but in reality it's pretty undewhelming. I think they could have done more on that part of the model but now as I've given him a bare head I have the chance to paint some jet black skin. oh boy!

I plan on Ebaying this guy as well. After a dead end commission for this guy my interest in this model has been sparked, it's pretty cool if you have some spacewolf parts to throw in the mix. His base is going to be Lava by the way, if that crappy putty looks weird.

Well, roll the credits and bang you head, the band of the night tonight is a band that a lot of bands owe some respect to... the mighty, the grungy, The Melvins!

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