Monday, January 17, 2011

Blogging all week day 2-Deathwing work in progress

Whew, I'm feeling good after a long walk to the post office in the snow. Can't wait to do it again tomorrow when it isn't Martin Luther King day and they're open and I can ship the Dreadnought I intended to. I did grab some coffee though and before I sit down and finish off my magnetized chaplain I'd like to share Mike's latest installment of Deathwing terminators. I didn't take pictures of the two landraiders yet but I'll be sure to share them at the end of the week when everything's done. 

So first up is a group shot, 5 thunder hammers and one more lightning claw. Plus a chaplain, with all the chaplain madness (it's not over) it's chaplain week at samson mini's in honor of Martin Luther King junior day. 

Not a bad start, now it's up to the paint brush to finish the job. I pulled the chaplain aside and started working on his armor. I'll slowly chip away at him to break up the assembly line process I'll use on the other doods. Whenever I paint armies for people I like to embellish the HQ's, the heroes have to stand out from the supporting cast after all, even if the supporting cast is the finest cast the finest casting company has to offer. Enough analogies though, on to the pictures!

I'm really digging the black to blue to grey technique I've happened across. The core colors used were badab black, codex grey, shadow grey, and white. Try it out, I think it makes the black areas deeper than they would be if you transitioned straight to grey. 

Alright! keep your brushes wet and I'll have a finished chaplain for you tomorrow.

Todays musical guest all the way from the southern U.S...Weedeater, Enjoy!


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