Thursday, January 20, 2011

Deathwing Thunderhammers!

Well I didn't finish the landraiders today, or at least at this point, but I do have the unit done and a good start on the chaplain. A mid afternoon bitz clipping session with Kevin was fine with me though. I grabbed the magnets I need to complete a sanguinary priest I'm painting for Ebay and earned some more credit. There is still time tonight to finish this whole deathwing detachment though. Here they are so far.

The chaplain isn't far behind either, I'll be finishing him off tomorrow sometime :) This is the second time I've had the pleasure on this model. GW did a great job with this mini, maybe someday I'll have one for my own collection...

It's still chaplain mania this week, I'll have another posted up here soon along with a Vulkan He'stan I converted slightly. I just couldn't dig his pose but more on that later. I'm going to see if I can finish 2 landraiders tonight. To accomplish that task I'll need the help of my old friend music. Tonights musical guest will be...Kraut Rockin' Superstars Hairy Chapter


  1. The Termie Chaplain is probably the best model that GW has put out since Ezekiel. Im a huge fan of the Chaplain.

  2. I am really digging the head of the Chaplain Sam, good job.

  3. really nice stuff I realy dig the chipped paint on the termies.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. Thanks guys, hopefully I can do that chaplain justice. You should see all the painted Deathwing I've done for this guy...actually you will someday :)

  5. This guy huh? lol. You mean THIS guy? NIce work Sam, as always. 30 Terminators and counting. A Belial, Chaplain, no less then 3 Land Raiders(!), 3 Dreadnoughts with all the options (!!!), and a librarian, apothecary, and Land Raider Terminus, along with one more squad of Deathwing on the way. I'd say after that last batch, a group photo is CERTAINLY in order.

    I'd say I've certainly done my part at the local tournaments as well to... rearrange (?) people's opinions of the unforgiven as a viable army. Again, fine work Sam, as always. Truly your skill with a brush knows no bounds. You motivate the shit out of me!