Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's big, it's wip, it's a chaos warhound

Earlier in the week I began painting a chaos warhound form forgeworld I was commissioned to do. Wow what a model! I can't imagine the pain my client went through assembling this behemoth, so I won't :) I 'm sure he'll be happy once he gets a load of the finished beast. So here we see a GW model in it's natural habitat, grey and partially assembled...

I started off with the olive green armor plates. He was given 3 coats of olive green and then I added some dark brown and purple to the mix. Gradually more purple and brown were added, I think I did that 3 times. Next I added some ivory to the base color and added some highlights. After he was nice and dry I sprayed a rough mix of washes around all the edges of the plates. I made the wash by dumping thraka green and griffon sepia into a nearly empty pot of leviathan purple.

Then it was on to the most boring part. Painting 3 coats of light silver on all the metal parts. Blah. Hours later I laid down a healthy wash of badab black. I had prepared some rusty water earlier and painted that over all the metal as well as dabbing it on certain spots on the armor plates.

Rust wash can be made by simply letting some steel wool sit in an old blister pack for a few days.

I also streaked some thinned down bestial brown away from certain exposed areas in the armor plates but more on the details later when I post the finished project. Which at the moment is very near completion so I'll blog to you soon!

Take care and stay tuned!

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  1. I made a super nasty batch of rustwash today. Pulled a couple metal flakes off the van, rinsed + stuck them in a jar with a half inch of water. Already looks gross. Can't wait to try it on hot wheels!